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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

We can help you if you have suffered injury due to the negligence of another driver, or the driver of your own car. Whether you were a pedestrian, driver, cyclist or simply a family member of someone who was injured, we can claim loss of income, pain and suffering, past and future treatment expenses, domestic assistance provided by members of your family and friends and future paid commercial care.

We can also assist if you have a family member or a close significant other who has suffered psychological injury on account of your accident.

Workers Compensation Claims

If you have been injured or bullied at work, we may provide you with the proper advice so that you can maximise your claim and obtain wages to age 67, negligence/work injury damages, medical expenses, treatment expenses or any other benefits you are entitled to as soon as possible. 

We pride ourselves in not only fighting hard for your rights, but in being empathetic with your needs through a stressful period. When you and your family are struggling because of your injury, we can provide you with the assistance from our team to help put things right.

Medical Negligence Claims

Are you suffering as a consequence of the negligent actions of a doctor, surgeon, specialist or hospital? Medical negligence is a difficult area of law. However, our team will help obtain the right expert medical evidence to show that the treatment you received was incorrect, help you understand and obtain such medical evidence to support your claim, and advise how much your claim may be worth.

Public Accident and Public Liability Claims

Have you been injured in a public area from a slip and fall, trip, unlawful restraint or any other type of accident resulting in physical or psychological injury? 

We have been helping people win cases against major shopping, department stores, halls and restaurants for decades, and assisted our clients in giving them access to claims for the harm, loss of income or other loss caused to you. We can help you claim pain and suffering, economic loss, medical expenses or any other compensation which you may be entitled to. 


Whether you are purchasing, selling or leasing a property, we can assist you through the entire process. Our team will review the contracts carefully to ensure your rights are protected, and liaise with agents and solicitors on your behalf so you can have a peace of mind in relation to your personal property.

Superannuation Claims

If you are unable to work, we can help gain access to your entitlements under your superannuation. This includes total and permanent disability claims under your insurance policy, death benefits that would entitle your loved ones for a claim, and income protection either via a lump sum or on benefits.

Wills & Estates Challenges

Our experience in wills and estates ensures that you and your loved ones can be assured that they have fair access to their entitlements. However, if you believe you may have been left out of a will, or that there may have been undue influence in the making of that will, we can help fight for you.

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