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    We ensure our experience, knowledge and understanding helps to deliver you the best outcome

    Have you been injured or left worse off due to someone else's negligence? Even if you are unsure whether or not you have a claim, please give us a call.

    Our team will deal promptly and sympathetically with your claim.

    We have over 25 years’ experience dealing with compensation cases, and our excellent trained and skilled legal team will guide you through the difficult process whilst you are at all times informed and kept up to date.

    We can maximise your claim in the following areas:

    We have helped thousands of people from all over Australia get the compensation they are entitled to, and we look forward to helping you achieve the results you deserve.  For more information about our Compensation Legal Services please contact us.

    Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

    We can help you with a motor accident claim if you have suffered injury due to the negligence of someone else – either another driver, or the driver of your own car. You maybe a pedestrian, driver, cyclist or simply a family member of someone who was injured. if so, we can claim loss of income, pain and suffering, past and future treatment expenses, domestic assistance claims which is provided by members of your family and friends and also paid commercial care which you would be entitled to in the future.You also may have a family member or a close significant other who has suffered psychological injury on account of your accident.

    Please contact us now as there are very strict time limits for motor vehicle accident claims to be lodged on behalf of pedestrians, passangers, drivers, cyclists and their family members.

    Workers Compensation Claims

    If you are injured at work even through no one else's fault then you should contact us in order that we may provide you with the proper advice so that you can maximise your claim and obtain the wages, medical expenses, treatment expenses or any other benefits you are entitled to as soon as possible.

    We also have many cases of workers who are injured psychologically and have been bullied causing them loss and harm. We pride ourselves in not only fighting hard for your rights but in being sympathetic with your needs through a stressful period. When you and your family are struggling because of your injury you need assistance from our team to help put things right.

    You may also be entitled to sue your employer for negligence / work injury damages. We may also be able to claim all your wages to age 67.

    Call us now for a free discussion about your entitlements and your right to claim. 

    Public accident / Public liability claims

    Have you been injured at a shopping centre, restaurant, hall in any public or private place? You may be entitled to compensation.

    We have been helping people who have centres falls for many decades and have won cases against major shopping and department stores we have even won in circumstances where security guards have falsely accused and restrained our client causing him injury was loss and damage.

    If you have been injured in a slip and fall, trip, unlawful restraint or any other type of accident including a physical or psychological injury which has caused you harm, loss of income or other loss contact us now so that we can help you claim compensation.

    There are strict time limits for you to respond and we can assist you through the process. Contact us now for an obligation free discussions regarding  your pain and suffering, economic loss, medical expenses or any other compensation which you may be entitled to.

    There are strict time limits for all compensation claims.

    Contact us now

    Superannuation Claims

    Are you unable to work for any reason? Most superannuation funds have a component for total and permanent disablement which means that you may be entitled to claim benefits if you cannot work.

    There are even death benefits if a loved one has succumbed for any reason.

    We can help you get lump sum benefits for you and your family. Generally the insurance policies are as follows:

    Total and Permanent Disability claims
    Under the terms of your policy with your insurer which you may be entitled to claim when you can no longer work. Let us look at the fine print in your superannuation policy to see if you can make this claim – let us help you so that you can obtain the benefit ofentitlements you have under your insurance contract.

    Death benefits
    Most superannuation policies have a death benefit that would entitle loved ones for claim.

    Income protection
    You may be able to claim lump sum or on benefits. You may have a private policy for income protection or it may be a additional part of your superannuation policy. You may be entitled to obtain wages, or a significant lump sum. Contact us now to help you claim under your superannuation contracts.

    Medical Negligence Claims

    Are you suffering as a consequence of the negligence of the actions of a medical treatment provider or hospital? Have you lost income, quality of life, medical expenses and endured pain and suffering because of negligent treatment? If so, contact us now. We have been helping clients for almost three decades to assist in having clients obtain proper compensation. Medical negligence cases are one of the most challenging areas of compensation. Our focus is on your health provider either a doctor or surgeon, specialist or hospital who has not done the right thing with respect to your medical treatment. What we will help you do is obtain the right expert medical evidence to show that the treatment you received was not correct. The medical evidence can be difficult however we will help you understand and obtain such medical evidence to support your claim.

    The steps we take are:

    • Obtain all the medical history and records and document all relevant events;
    • Understand the medical errors;
    • Obtain medical experts reports to comment upon the evidence;
    • Advise you what your claim may be worth.
    Call us now for a free consultation.

    Comcare claims

    Do you work for a federal government department or a Commonwealth employer such as Australia Post, or the Australian Taxation Office?

    Have you suffered a physical or psychological injury arising out of work?

    Have you been bullied or harassed?

    We can help you with any of the following:

    1. Have your injury accepted by your employer and Comcare – if not it may be  necessary for us to have the decisions reviewed and even go to the Adminstrative Appeals Tribunal.
    2. We can get you weekly wages for either past or future periods and also claim medical expenses and rehabilitation.
    3. We can help you obtain compensation for your physical and psychological injuries if you have more than 10% or greater permanent impairment percentage.
    4. You should act now as there are time limits – call us now to help you with an obligation free telephone discussion or face to face consultation.

    We want to help you through this difficult period. 

    Wills and Estate Challenges

    Have you been left out of a will? Has a relative or spouse left you wondering after they died and you saw their will? Did you think there may have been undue influence in the making of that will?

    If any of these circumstances apply to you please let us know as soon as possible. There are strict time limits for the commencement of proceedings - if you want to challenge a will generally you have to start within 12 months of the date of death. 

    Call us now as there are strict time limits.

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